EMESHA’s mission is to source new eco-friendly fabrics and to produce quality garments that are sustainable in both manufacture and design, without sacrificing style.

EMESHA is fully committed to environmental and social responsibilities. The label was created using only natural, therefore biodegradable and recycled fabrics, which are free of harmful AZO dyes. The fabrics used are mainly sourced in the UK or come from end-of-line “upcycled” industry waste and so some of garments are available in a limited edition.

The EMESHA label is concerned with paying fair wages to the skilled workers who work hard to create the garments. “Having Hungarian roots, I have been devastated to see the decline of the apparel industry in Hungary over the past few years. When new countries joined the EU in 2007, many of the prominent fashion houses moved their production lines further east where costs were lower. This had a devastating effect on the local economy leaving many skilled workers unemployed forcing those who remained in the industry to work long hours and lower their salary expectations to keep their jobs. Appreciating the skill and talent of these workers, I chose my homeland for the production of my collections. I am building my company to follow sustainable and ethical principles I am committed to fair wage production to reverse the downward economic spiral, and to draw attention to a huge issue within the European Union. This does not only happen in the fashion industry, and is visible in many other European countries. However fashion is what I know and this is where I can make a change."

A vegetarian since her early teens, Emesha doesn’t use leather or fur in her designs.